Policy Perspectives in Cameroon

Firming Up Institutional policy: Older people are not merely a burden and can be real assets in the development process. Institutional policy needs to catch up by recognizing the role the elderly can play in  economic development. Politics & Policy 2014

Agriculture and women’s livelihoods:

The implementation of structural adjustment programs by the World Bank in the 1990’s spelled doom with the loss of public services and subsidies/support grants for vital services. Women managed the doom and gloom by regrouping in social and other networks to ward off…

Broadband in Emerging Markets

One of the key drivers for the mass adoption of mobile phones has been the reduction in costs for low-usage subscribers. This has been the result of efficient pricing in the two-sided mobile market – in other words, the interaction of retail charges…

Disaster Mitigation

Efficient and effective disaster management will prevent many hazardous events from becoming disasters. This paper constitutes the most comprehensive document on the natural disaster management framework of Cameroon. It reviews critically disaster management in Cameroon, examining the various legislative, institutional, and administrative frameworks…

S T Coleridge’s Search For Unity In A Heterogeneous Universe: Perceptions And Poetic Expression

This essay wrestles with an innovative and refreshing reading of Coleridgean perceptions and poetic experimentation of unity in diversity. The poetics of Romantic idealism continues to resist postmodernist academic ventures on Romantic hermeneutics and phenomenology. Coleridgean prose and poetry texts are interpreted as…

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