In this publications section, we provide a flavour of some published research. We address a myriad of development concerns from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our proposition is that doing development requires evidence based data, amplified by robust evidence, which, in turn informs policy. From a literary lens, we undertake a deconstruction of development by situating the contextual realities, through concrete and epoch analysis. We welcome your read and your take on these development perspectives we have attempted to address. Your input and debate (The Debate) is highly solicited, so together, we can generate insightful information pieces to inform policy design and implementation.

UNRISD Published pape

Community Solidarity:

Village associations are instrumental in building a solidarity economy, anchored on the philosophy of collective and mutual efforts for common good.

UNRISD Published Paper
Geo Journal

Women’s input in community-driven development:

The community’s space is a development arena that requires concerted effort- women’s input and relational networking are prerequisites.

Paper in GeoJournal 2006

Self-reliant development:

Development requires dynamic participation of community members to build vital infrastructure. Self reliance constitutes an autonomous and endogenous model of providing essential amenities.

Paper in GeoJournal 2002

International Social Science Journal

Informal sector and economy:

Uplifting household income and grinding poverty is increasingly resting on the shoulders of women. Women are making a strong presence in the ‘unregulated’ informal economy.

Negotiating Livelihoods ISSJ Paper
Firming Up Institutional Policy

Firming Up Institutional policy:

Older people are not merely a burden and can be real assets in the development process. Institutional policy needs to catch up by recognizing the role the elderly can play in  economic development.

Politics & Policy 2014
International Journal of religion

Religion and poverty alleviation:

Religious organisations are increasingly playing a front line role in fending off poverty among the elderly. The Muslim religion through built mechanisms like zaqat and sadaqa are responding to the needs of  its older populations. Development policy needs to pay close attention to the efforts of religion and how this can be calibrated in policy design.

Article in IJRS Nova Science Publishers
Women and Agriculture

Agriculture and women’s livelihoods:

The implementation of structural adjustment programs by the World Bank in the 1990’s spelled doom with the loss of public services and subsidies/support grants for vital services. Women managed the doom and gloom by regrouping in social and other networks to ward off poverty, exacerbated by contracted public services.

Article in Gender and Development
Takumbeng Political Activism

Women’s secret society and nudity as a form of protestation:

The advent of multi-party political dispensation in Cameroon in the 1990’s ushered in an atmosphere of disenchantment. Women’s protests through expressions of nudity signaled a reconstruction of female militancy, to confront, in a more aggressive way the ‘often militarised rural and urban setting’. The women’s secret society- ‘the Takumbeng’ played a vital role in restoring the flame of social democracy.

Article in Cahiers D'Etudes Africaines

African literature, literary re-reading, narratives and meta-narratives of gender ineqality:

African literature is replete with a mass of literature that sanctions contested notions of male dominance and female subordination. The territoriality and forms of gender embeddedness are  uncovered.

Article in International Women's Journal

Deconstruction and localizing gender studies within an African contextual lens:

The introduction of women’s studies as a mainstream academic discipline conjures up misconceptions and myths. From a male angle and largely societal perspective , an analysis is provided in line with current epistemology.

Article 2 in International women's studies Journal

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