S T Coleridge’s Search For Unity In A Heterogeneous Universe: Perceptions And Poetic Expression

This essay wrestles with an innovative and refreshing reading of Coleridgean perceptions and poetic experimentation of unity in diversity. The poetics of Romantic idealism continues to resist postmodernist academic ventures on Romantic hermeneutics and phenomenology. Coleridgean prose and poetry texts are interpreted as articulating a dynamics of fusion, the former serving as philosophical bases of transcendental idealism and the latter as substantiation of self-experiencing and possibility. The texts and excerpts used have hitherto not attracted much critical attention. The question of unity in a heterogeneous universe takes on board Coleridge’s conceptualisation of symbol, will, beauty, reality and imagination as the culmination of transcendental fusion of the whole. In a world where environmental issues are taking centre stage it become relevant to revisit Romantic articulations on the physical and metaphysical connotations of everything that underlies nature. Re-reading Coleridge provides clues in this direction.



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